Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Snow Day

Big day here in South Carolina's capital city. Snow continues to fall at a rather brisk rate, and as of 9 am we've got about three inches on the ground. My girls are gearing up for a big day out in it.

I've got a show this afternoon ( yes, I called the boss to make sure!) that will focus on tonight's BCS title game. We'll also look back at the NFL weekend and the opening of conference play across the ACC and SEC.

That said, it's a snow day in an area that doesn't get much, so I know where everybody's REAL interests will be! Have fun, stay home, build a fire if you can and enjoy some hot chocolate.

A piece of advice, though: stay off the roads if you can. There's always some yahoo driver who will treat today as any other out there. You'll see their picture on the cover of tomorrow's paper.

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