Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Maybe so, maybe not

A few things to put out there ahead of today's show, all within the same theme...

First, Coach Steve Spurrier said just a few minutes ago that the NCAA may rule on the status of OL Jarriel King and CB Chris Culliver sometime today.  That of course leaves open the possibility that there won't be a ruling today.

I know fans, players, coaches and even us media types want everything now, and that the NCAA needs to be methodical in its investigation, but what's the hold up?  Same question for AJ Green at Georgia.  These players have been under the microscope for weeks.  The fact that NO information comes out leads to rampant speculation in the public, no matter what any of us do to quell it.  These players, and their respective teams, need closure so they can move on, one way or another.

The NCAA knows enough to rule in my opinion.  Either they did something wrong or they didn't.  What's the delay being caused by?  Someone needs to say...quickly.

-- Was it a bad dream?

I woke up this morning and saw that the Phillies had retaken first place from the Braves last night.  Yeesh.  The Pirates are the worst team in baseball and the Braves have made them look like...the Phillies.  The addition of D Lee and the return of Nate McClouth have done NOTHING for an already struggling Braves offense.  It's uncanny to think that a team like Atlanta's can be so bad with RISP, but they are.

As I've often admitted I'm a huge Bobby Cox supporter, and it's clear he's tried to shuffle the lineup to get more runs across.  At some point though, no matter his salary, Bobby has to put McClouth on the shelf.  He's terrible.  That's a sad but true fact.  To that end, the players must take it upon themselves to do more.  There is WAY too much baseball left and the Braves are still very much in danger of missing the playoffs.  They're also very capable of having the best record in the NL.  It's up to them.

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